A Brief History of Coffee

Second only to oil, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. It's estimated that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day worldwide! Today is National Coffee Day so we thought it was time to share a brief history of how coffee became a global phenomenon!

A Pinch of History

There it sits on your kitchen table, waiting for your next mealtime meeting. And though you probably give it no thought as you sprinkle it onto your plate, salt is fascinating.
sea salt

5 Fun Facts About Cupcakes

Apparently 770,000,000 cupcakes were eaten in the US in 2012. That same year, Sprinkles Bakery, the world's first cupcake-only bakery from Beverly Hills, developed a hole in a wall ATM that dispenses cupcakes 24 hours a day. It holds up to 600 fresh cupcakes at a time! Cupcakes have swept the culinary world in the last few years, and it's no wonder why! With cupcakes flavors ranging from the classic (vanilla), to deliciously sweet (caramel apple), to oddly savory (jalapeno cheddar), there is a cupcake for everyone!
Birthday cupcakes

White Chocolate Isn't Really Chocolate

It's September 22nd and that means it's National White Chocolate Day! But did you know that white chocolate isn't actually chocolate at all? After fermentation, cacao beans are dried, cleaned, and roasted (much like coffee beans) and the shell is removed so confectioners are left with the cacao nibs, which are then ground to cocoa mass. The cocoa mass is then liquefied into chocolate liquor so it can be molded into whatever final shape the chocolatier wants. That chocolate liquor can then be processed into two components: cocoa solids and cocoa butter. The main ingredient in white chocolate is that cocoa butter, a pale yellow vegetable fat. And yes, that cocoa butter is the same as what you find in many lotions and lip balms to help moisturize your skin!