New Eats: The Brazilian Bauru

Next week the World Cup will come to a close, meaning it will be 4 years until Americans care about soccer again. (Kidding! …Kind of.) And being that this love affair only occurs twice a decade, we feel it’s our duty to give the game and Brazil one heck of a good-bye.

Exhibit A:
Bauru Sandwich

Meet Bauru. It’s the official sandwich and namesake of Bauru (a city in Brazil) and is popular throughout the entirety of the country. Its ingredients can change somewhat, but “officially,” this is what’s in it:

French bread, cored
Mozzarella cheese
Roast beef
Beefstake tomato, sliced
Bauru Sandwich
There are two tricks to getting this just right. First, even though it seems like a crime, you’ve got to cut the bread horizontally and tear out the fleshy insides. Secondly, that cheese has got to be melted. Fill a large sauté pan ¼ full of water and place a small sauce pan inside of it. Bring the water to a boil, place the cheese in the sauce pan, and let it melt into gooey deliciousness.

And while it’s doing its thing, layer the roast beef inside the bread. Add on the tomato slices, dust with oregano and salt, and then top with pickles. The finishing touch? You knew it was coming. Pour the melted mozzarella over the top and add on the remaining piece of bread. Press down on the top so that the cheese runs out the side.

Somewhat simple but completely delicious, the bauru is certainly a tasty way to bring the World Cup of 2014 to a close.


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